We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced group Salsa lessons and well as private instruction in Bachata and Merengue


Classes are run in 6 week courses, which progress through a new move each class. Students learn to combine the moves into a continuous dance to eventually create their own combinations. Students will rotate partners during the class to learn to lead and follow with different people.   

Beginner Salsa

The class focuses on technicality of steps, leading/following techniques, introduces elements of style.

Class #1: Basic step, Side step, cumbia/open  step, back step, right turns.

Class #2: Alternating turns, cross body lead (CBL).

Class #3: Alternating turns, CBL, one and two-handed combs.

Class #4: Hammerlock, CBL, Alternating turns

Class #5: Sombrero, CBL, Rt turn.

Class #6: Review all and practice new combinations.

Intermediate Salsa

The class focuses on more complicated combinations, looking natural on the dance floor, finding the beat in the music, without the help of counting.

Class #1: CBL with inside/left turn

Class #2: Reverse/Left turn

Class #3: Open break + Waterfall+Hesitations

Class #4: Titanic

Class #5: CBL with outside/right turn

Class #6: S turn

Advanced Salsa 1

More complicated combinations, dips and spins.

Class #1: Salsa Dip 1

Class #2: Around the world

Class #3: Titanic+ Walk back (Walk n' Pop)

Class #4: Illusion turns and hand toss

Class #5: Ballerina

Class #6: Lassos and checks

Advanced Salsa 2

More combinations, dips and spins

Class #1: Copa

Class #2: Windmill

Class #3: The Wall

Class #4: Multiple spins

Class #5: Salsa dip 2

Class #6: S turn and Cross Body Lead 180

Ladies Styling Class

This class is strongly focused on style, body isolations, arm movements and musicality. Students will gain confidence and ability to explore their personal styles under the guidance of the instructor and integrate this new found expression level in their dance.