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LA Style Salsa

A rhythmic and energetic dance!

An energetic dance that will make you feel vibrant and energized! Enjoy the connection with your partner and music in the rhythmic energy of this dance!

These lessons will make you ready for a social night out at any of the Barrie’s or Toronto’s multiple salsa venues or feeling comfortable to dance on those long-awaited Caribbean vacations! Meet new friends and evolve yourself into a confident and smooth salsero/salsera! No partner is required.

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Casino Rueda Salsa

Fall in love with this dance!

A Cuban style salsa that is danced in a group setting. This is salsa danced in a group, where a caller calls a move and the group follows. We dance with a partner and sometimes move from partner to partner. The individual moves you learn are easily transferred to the couple salsa dance in a social dance event!

Regular and ongoing social Casino Rueda dances are held every Thursday at 7:15pm and are free of charge once all the moves are learned though ongoing lessons. No partner is required.

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Soft flow, melodic and beautiful!

A slower paced, melodic, and beautiful dance that will make you feel in touch with yourself, music and your partner! Feel the soft flow of the music and a close connection with your partner.

These lessons will make you ready for a social night out at any of the Barrie’s or Toronto’s multiple bachata venues, re-ignite the connection with your significant other or showcase your dance skills at a wedding. Meet new friends and evolve yourself into a confident and smooth bachatero/bachatera! No partner is required.

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Intimate connection with lots of creativity!

Quickly growing in popularity in Toronto’s dance circles, Kizomba is one of the most rewarding dances. With a resemblance to Argentine Tango, this dance offers an opportunity for a more intimate connection and lots of creativity. You will feel in touch with your sensuality and gain confidence.

Being one of the more difficult dances to learn, it is recommended that students master salsa and bachata before engaging in Kizomba. Learning in parallel to bachata is also very effective! No partner is required!

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Easy and fun! Get dancing quickly!

Merengue is an easy and fun dance to learn and the music is happy and upbeat. The dance is characterized by a stiff-legged, limping step and is danced counting out one step per beat. This dance is a great way to develop student’s footwork, lead and follow, timing, and to introduce hip movement, all of which are so essential in all latin dances. Merengue is the national dance and music of the Dominican Republic.

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Specialty Classes

Perfect your dance and add new flavours!

Review this section to find special offerings like pure technique and styling classes, and additional dance types like cha-cha, salsa on 2, etc. Happy exploring!

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Private & Semi-Private
Salsa Dance Classes

We also offer private & semi-private salsa dance lessons in Barrie, either for yourself, you and a partner, or a group of you and your friends! We also offer combination packages here: https://salsabeats.ca/special-offers

Call us at (705) 970-0863 or send an email to [email protected] for more information.

  • Private Classes

    Single: $60 / hr / person
    Couple: $75 / hr / couple

  • Semi-Private Classes

    Group (4-6): $35 / hr / person

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New to Latin dancing and don’t know how to get started?

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Give us a call and we will fit you into the right class.

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About Our Studio

Salsa Beats has the vision to To bring Barrie to the dance floor and stimulate our home town community! Through our vision, we strive to transform beginner dance students into confident dancers at social dance events as fast as possible!

Our studio's founder, Natasha, found her passion for dance some years back and has been seduced by the energy, rhythm, music and a feeling of liberation that latin dance promises.

Meet Our Instructors

Dancing is fun! While dancing follows a certain accepted rules, anyone can learn to dance. At Salsa Beats we push ourselves to our potential, yet doing so in a friendly welcoming environment.

We believe that dance must be accessible to everyone.

Dancing is a means of connection with our community - a way of re-discovering ourselves and a conduit for liberation. We strongly believe everyone should have access to that connection. If you can't afford lessons, please contact us and explain your situation, and we will do what we can to accommodate.

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Upcoming Classes

  • LA Style Salsa (Levels 1)

    This is a progressive course, which will begin with the basics with new moves to be introduced each week.

    • $160 / person for 8 hours
  • Bachata (Level 1)

    This is an intensive course, which will give you an introduction to Bachata starting from the basics!

    • $160 / person for 8 hours
  • Cuban Salsa - Casino De Rueda (Level 1)

    At the end of the 5 week course, you would be able to dance salsa at a social dance club and in a group dance setting!

    • $160 / person for 8 hours
  • Kizomba (Level 1)

    This is a progressive Kizomba course, which goes through the basics of kizomba and adding on gradually more difficult combinations each week.

    • $160 / person for 8 weeks

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Salsa Beats in Barrie is a wonderful place to learn latin dancing. The studio has great teachers, offers lots of good energy, and amazing classmates who often become friends outside of class. When I go to a dance to a social now, I feel so confident because I have learned so many steps that I can dance freely to any song. It is a safe space with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Plus, there are many outside activities that we do as a group. I love the Salsa Beats community!

Angela C.

From the moment that I took my first class at Salsa Beats, I knew that I had stumbled upon something special! Natasha was patient, and helped me to choose the class that was best for me I have been learning various dances since then; building my skills in a fun yet methodical way. Right from the beginning, the supportive and caring community at Salsa Beats helped me feel confident to participate at the socials and practise my new moves. This is key to my success, and why I enjoy the dances so much. As an added bonus, I have met new people and made friends that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Salsa Beats!

Alison B.

I've had an excellent experience learning Salsa dancing with Natasha. The attention to detail and effort she puts ensures you're keeping up and growing as a salsa dancer to the next level. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her!!!

Nick D.

I love Salsa Beats!!! I was in this fantastic dance group about three years before moving to NS. I really enjoyed our group and private lessons!!! I definitely would recommend to attend the dance school. Natasha is a great instructor! There is a very friendly, cozy and homelike atmosphere. Natasha created a great dance community, where everyone matters. We are still close to each other and care about each other. We are a like a family. I miss you guys a lot!!! I will come as soon as I will come to Barrie!!!

Tatyana T.

Salsa Beats is a great place to get out of your comfort zone and experience latin dancing. Our instructor Natasha is a great teacher. She’s patient and very detailed in her instructions. I’ve made some great friends over the past few months and look forward to developing the moves so I’ll be comfortable when I’m out dancing socially.

Angela K.

Love the experience and the lessons. We are always paired up and get to switch leads. This helps in being able to adjust to different lead types and styles of dancing. Would definitely recommend Natasha's class to anyone! I already enjoyed listening to Latin music and dancing, however when you know how to dance you enjoy it that much more!!!!!

Kelly E.