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Beginner Bachata (Level 1)

Beginner Bachata (Level 1)

  • Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • The Holding Space 27 Mississaga St E, Orillia, ON L3V 1V4
  • $160/pp for 4 weeks (2hr per week)
  • Tuesdays: Sept 10 - Oct 1, 2024
  • Natasha

This is a progressive course, which will give you an introduction to Bachata from the basics! This is where we try, mess up, laugh and do it again! New moves will be introduced each week. No partner is required!

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Salsa Beats in Barrie is a wonderful place to learn latin dancing. The studio has great teachers, offers lots of good energy, and amazing classmates who often become friends outside of class. When I go to a dance to a social now, I feel so confident because I have learned so many steps that I can dance freely to any song. It is a safe space with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Plus, there are many outside activities that we do as a group. I love the Salsa Beats community!

Angela C.

From the moment that I took my first class at Salsa Beats, I knew that I had stumbled upon something special! Natasha was patient, and helped me to choose the class that was best for me I have been learning various dances since then; building my skills in a fun yet methodical way. Right from the beginning, the supportive and caring community at Salsa Beats helped me feel confident to participate at the socials and practise my new moves. This is key to my success, and why I enjoy the dances so much. As an added bonus, I have met new people and made friends that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Salsa Beats!

Alison B.

I've had an excellent experience learning Salsa dancing with Natasha. The attention to detail and effort she puts ensures you're keeping up and growing as a salsa dancer to the next level. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her!!!

Nick D.

I love Salsa Beats!!! I was in this fantastic dance group about three years before moving to NS. I really enjoyed our group and private lessons!!! I definitely would recommend to attend the dance school. Natasha is a great instructor! There is a very friendly, cozy and homelike atmosphere. Natasha created a great dance community, where everyone matters. We are still close to each other and care about each other. We are a like a family. I miss you guys a lot!!! I will come as soon as I will come to Barrie!!!

Tatyana T.

Salsa Beats is a great place to get out of your comfort zone and experience latin dancing. Our instructor Natasha is a great teacher. She’s patient and very detailed in her instructions. I’ve made some great friends over the past few months and look forward to developing the moves so I’ll be comfortable when I’m out dancing socially.

Angela K.

Love the experience and the lessons. We are always paired up and get to switch leads. This helps in being able to adjust to different lead types and styles of dancing. Would definitely recommend Natasha's class to anyone! I already enjoyed listening to Latin music and dancing, however when you know how to dance you enjoy it that much more!!!!!

Kelly E.