Natasha has found her passion for dance some years back and has been seduced by the energy, rhythm, music and a feeling of liberation that latin dance promises. She has begun to dance obsessively and continues to do so at every opportunity.

She loves introducing latin dance and the wonderful sense of connection, expression and community that it brings to all those who wish to develop themselves and become an engaged, balanced version of themselves!

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Originally from Cuba, latin dance has been a part of Alex's life since he can remember. Alex worked extensitely in the entertainment industry in Cuba and in a few studios in Toronto, including Arthur Murray.

Alex teaches many dance styles, including Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango and more! Alex is known for his never ending energy and style!


Growing up in a Colombian household with Spanish music all around me, I knew dancing needed to be in my life. Once I had my first class under my belt, I was hooked and have not looked back. No matter what kind of day you’re having, it’s tough not to be happy while dancing. Being able to challenge yourself, and share that time with your dance partners is an experience that is not easily matched. From the challenge, every new move brings, to the feeling of accomplishment when you see progress, latin dancing is a reward we can all enjoy in our lives.


I am Sidney Esteves and I love to dance! I have been dancing all my life. At some point long ago, I decided to take classes to sharpen my dancing skills. I remember the first few months - saying to myself that I'll never get it and here I am dancing up a storm. Dancing is my fitness activity for the week; I feel that it is good for the mind, body and soul. The instructor and my classmates cheered me on, always reminding me how I have improved every week. When someone says they can't do something, I am the person to remind them they can - because I did! The smiles and the positive energy fuels me. I love to dance with Salsa Beats.


Did someone say dance?! I started dancing before I could even talk- falling in love with ballet that continued into my 20s until an injury forced me to stop. I still needed dancing in my life, so I tried various forms and styles, training as a ballroom instructor - but discovered that Salsa was my passion after a chance visit to El Rancho!  I've assisted and taught at various Salsa schools in Toronto, attended many congresses in Canada & the US, and travelled to learn the heart of dance. Today, I enjoy teaching more than anything else - with a special affinity for beginners to share the magic of the dance and the immediate connection & joy it brings to life.


Ash has been dancing, teaching, and performing salsa for many years.  He has learned from many of the top dancers in Toronto and New York City.  Ash places a strong emphasis on smooth leading and following techniques, intricate turn patterns and footwork, and, above all, creativity.

When not dancing, Ash enjoys paddleboarding, photography, and learning to play the conga drums.


Valentina brings us her fiery and sensual style from Colombia. She has her Artistic Performance: Visual Arts degree and has won many performance dance competitions. She enjoys teaching children and adults alike and is offering choreography and styling classes for women at Salsa Beats.

We are here to get you on the dance floor ASAP!

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Salsa Beats in Barrie is a wonderful place to learn latin dancing. The studio has great teachers, offers lots of good energy, and amazing classmates who often become friends outside of class. When I go to a dance to a social now, I feel so confident because I have learned so many steps that I can dance freely to any song. It is a safe space with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Plus, there are many outside activities that we do as a group. I love the Salsa Beats community!

Angela C.

From the moment that I took my first class at Salsa Beats, I knew that I had stumbled upon something special! Natasha was patient, and helped me to choose the class that was best for me I have been learning various dances since then; building my skills in a fun yet methodical way. Right from the beginning, the supportive and caring community at Salsa Beats helped me feel confident to participate at the socials and practise my new moves. This is key to my success, and why I enjoy the dances so much. As an added bonus, I have met new people and made friends that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Salsa Beats!

Alison B.

I've had an excellent experience learning Salsa dancing with Natasha. The attention to detail and effort she puts ensures you're keeping up and growing as a salsa dancer to the next level. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her!!!

Nick D.

I love Salsa Beats!!! I was in this fantastic dance group about three years before moving to NS. I really enjoyed our group and private lessons!!! I definitely would recommend to attend the dance school. Natasha is a great instructor! There is a very friendly, cozy and homelike atmosphere. Natasha created a great dance community, where everyone matters. We are still close to each other and care about each other. We are a like a family. I miss you guys a lot!!! I will come as soon as I will come to Barrie!!!

Tatyana T.

Salsa Beats is a great place to get out of your comfort zone and experience latin dancing. Our instructor Natasha is a great teacher. She’s patient and very detailed in her instructions. I’ve made some great friends over the past few months and look forward to developing the moves so I’ll be comfortable when I’m out dancing socially.

Angela K.

Love the experience and the lessons. We are always paired up and get to switch leads. This helps in being able to adjust to different lead types and styles of dancing. Would definitely recommend Natasha's class to anyone! I already enjoyed listening to Latin music and dancing, however when you know how to dance you enjoy it that much more!!!!!

Kelly E.